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We lead the technology development of automated concrete removal.

We call it ACR™.

We are Conjet

At Conjet, our mission is to lead the development of products and solutions that enable safe, sustainable and reliable hydrodemolition, concrete removal and surface preparation while also generating value to our customers.

With passion, dedication and a strong customer focus, our ambition is to make our customers successful using our technology in their daily operations.

The cornerstones in everything we do are SAFETY, RELIABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY and EFFICIENCY.

We provide world class training and aftersales support for our partners and customers, Team Conjet, to ensure that projects are successfully performed in a safe, precise and efficient manner.

At Conjet, our collective knowledge and expertise has been built into our Automated Concrete Removal robots. Safe for the structure, safe for the operator and safe for the environment. Our vision is to be first in mind for Automated Concrete Removal (ACR™) and surface preparation, and we are not satisfied until our vision is your reality!

Supervised Robotic concrete removal with hydrodemolition technology


Choosing an automated concrete removal solution from Conjet means choosing a safe solution. Safe for the operator, for the construction and for your ROI.

Hydrodemolition work with Conjet robot


Choosing an automated concrete removal solution from Conjet means choosing a reliable solution. We have been developing our technology for more than 35 years, so what we promise is what you get.

Conjet hydrodemolition robot performing demolition work


Choosing an automated concrete removal solution from Conjet means choosing a sustainable solution. For the environment, for your investment and for the construction.

Our Story

  • 2022

    Conjet moves the expanding operation to new, state-of-the-art offices and larger warehousing and production facilities for further growth and development.

  • 2021


    Conjet North America headquarters established in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • 2020


    Conjet embarks on the journey for rapid growth by strengthening our global footprint.

  • 2019


    Gulfstream Nordic Holdings AB acquires the majority of shares.

  • 2019


    Ease-of-use is radically improved by the introduction of a new user interface, allowing intuitive programming of the robot, making it even safer and easier to operate.

  • 2015


    Launch of Robot 557 – an all-round robot thanks to its multipurpose arm, extended reach and outstanding stability, allowing quick repositioning.

  • 2013


    Launch of the new control and steering system, the 7-series, which harmonizes steering for all robots, making life easier for operators and reducing complexity for Conjet.

  • 2009


    Launch of Nalta – the smallest robot on the market. Nalta climbs on scaffolding pipes, is extremely lightweight and optimized to work in confined spaces.

  • 2008


    Hydrodemolition is specified by the European Union and approved as European Norm EN1503-4.

  • 2000


    Launch of Robot 432 – the world’s most powerful machine for horizontal removal.

  • 1999


    Launch of Robot 322- a smaller version of the 360, quickly gaining popularity.

  • 1992


    Launch of Robot 360 – the first robot on the market that can move 360 degrees, making it optimal for use on horizontal surfaces, walls and ceilings.

  • 1990


    Senior staff in charge of Atlas Copco’s Conjet project do a management buy-out and establish Conjet AB. The new company focuses all its attention on the design, development and manufacturing of robotic high-pressure water jetting equipment.

  • 1984


    The Swedish National Road Administration requests a non-destructive method to remove concrete on bridges. Atlas Copco is commissioned to develop the product.

About Gulfstream Nordic Holdings AB

In November 2019, Gulfstream Nordic Holdings AB (GNH) acquired the majority of the shares in Conjet AB. GNH is a Swedish limited company focused on investing in Nordic and US-based companies with a global presence or an ambition to grow internationally. GNH seeks to take an active majority ownership role, covering strategic and operational initiatives preferably in partnership with management and founders. GNH has a long-term ownership agenda and is not governed by typical investment fund dynamics.

“We are confident about the great potential in Conjet and are extremely impressed with what the existing team has achieved over the years. The market for hydrodemolition is in our view very attractive and we believe Conjet is in a strong position to take advantage of this. We look forward to teaming up with current ownership to be a part of the continuous growth journey.”

— Peter Ankerst, GNH

Conjet certifications

ISO 9001

Conjet obtained certification to ISO 9001 during 2002, conforming the quality of its entire operation, from design, through production to marketing and sales.


All Conjet machines sold or used professionally within the EEA have the CE-marking.


Conjet applies the Orgalime S 2000 internationally accepted General Conditions for the Supply of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products.

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