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About ACR™

We have spent 35+ years developing a solution that safely removes concrete for the optimal restoration of critical infrastructure. Safe for the operator because it is automated. Optimized for the structure since no micro-cracks are created during removal, leaving a surface ideal for bonding. We call it ACR™.

ACR™ is a method utilizing robotic technology to remove concrete from building structures such as bridges, parking decks, dams and tunnels, using high pressure water – hydrodemolition.

Hydrodemolition technology ensures that no micro-cracks are created during the concrete removal process and provides an ideal surface for bonding of new concrete, while the robot secures the quality and consistency of the concrete removal process.

Using ACR™ fully automates the operation of concrete removal, allowing you to provide a safe working environment and increase production efficiency. In just one day, a single Conjet ACR™ robot removes the same amount of concrete as 20-25 operators with jackhammers. Even better, the ACR™ robot significantly limits the noise of the concrete demolition and eliminates dust and vibrations caused by conventional jackhammer methods.

Key benefits with automated concrete removal


The Conjet ONE control system allows operators to easily set removal parameters, streamlining and fully automating the concrete demolition process.


Bluetooth communication allows operators to control the robot and pump while standing at a safe distance from the on-going concrete demolition site.


Operators can quickly transition from horizontal to vertical to overhead removals with the push of a button.


Our Conjet Connect cloud platform allows customers to monitor performance and plan ahead for equipment service.

How does automated concrete removal – acr™ work?

After completing the start-up routine, the operator can load a saved set of parameters or enter new

parameters on the ACR™ robot, either directly on the robot’s display or using the handheld remote control. The operator then positions the robot and starts the automated concrete removal process from a safe

distance of 15-30 feet (5-10 meters).

The robot then operates autonomously according to the chosen parameters, working its way in a straight line, in a curve, or in a circle, while the operator monitors and supervises the process.

Automated concrete removal – acr™ enabled by hydrodemolition

The robot is equipped with a lance that moves over the concrete surface, shooting a high-pressure water jet and removing the damaged material. The operator sets the hydrodemolition parameters (for example, cutting width, speed and jet angle), positions the robot and starts the hydrodemolition process. When this is done, the robot works autonomously according to the set parameters, working its way in a straight line. All the operator must do is monitor the progress from a safe distance and inspect the result.

Acr™ offers a cost-effective concrete demolition solution

When compared with other techniques, the use of Automatic Concrete Removal (ACR™) robots using hydrodemolition technology, significantly reduces the cost of operation.. Concrete removal contractors utilizing ACR™ technology will see a significant increase in productivity and drop in labour concrete demolition cost for any type of project regardless of size and duration due to its effectiveness. As mentioned, a single ACR™ removes the same amount of concrete roughly equal to 20-25 operators equipped with jackhammers. It also results in less operational downtime, bringing further cost savings to a project.


The biggest challenge on all sites where concrete is being removed, or even demolished, is to secure work and health safety for the operators.

ACR™ robots create a safer working environment for operators by providing distance from the concrete removal location, greatly reducing dust and noise, and eliminating vibrations.


As with all automated solutions, the ACR™ robot is programmed to do the job according to specification. Whether it is to remove the concrete down to a certain depth or quality, the ACR™ robot will prepare a surface ideal for bonding.


The preferred method for ACR™ robots is to remove concrete using a high-pressure water jet – commonly known as hydrodemolition.

Unlike mechanical jackhammering, hydrodemolition does not create micro-cracks, leaving an optimal bonding surface that results in superior strength and a far longer useful life of the structure.

Why Conjet?

For more than 35 years, we have been instrumental in the development of hydrodemolition – a technology with a proven track record as the most sustainable and effective method for concrete removal and surface preparation. We manufacture automated concrete removal robots for world leading hydrodemolition contractors. Safe for the structure, safe for the operator and safe for the environment.

At Conjet, we lead the technology development of automated concrete removal using the hydrodemolition technology. We call it ACR™.

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