Customer case

Huanghe River Bridge

Emergency recovery of Huanghe River Bridge

In 2016, a fiery collision involving two trucks on the Liujiang Huanghe River Bridge near Zhengzhou, China, left a large part of the bridge deck damaged. An emergency recovery was necessary, but the extensive damage also required long-term restoration work.

Beijing Fayan Engineering Technology LTD was commissioned to perform the task of restoring the damaged bridge using the hydrodemolition technology.

The solution

The task was to remove damaged concrete from the bridge deck, about 20-30 cm in depth, without leaving any micro-cracks and leaving the good concrete and structure intact. With Conjet’s ACR™ robot and 480kW power pack the damaged concrete was removed without affecting the rebar. As this was the first time for the contractor to operate the ACR™ robot, the Conjet team was onsite to provide a safety and operation demonstration. The Conjet ACR™ robot ensured the job was safe and effective as the contractor did not need any kind of jackhammer equipment.

How it works

By using Conjet’s ACR™ robot with a 480kW power pack, the damaged concrete could be easily removed and secured. Also, operator safety was increased in an otherwise exposed environment with heavy traffic, as the robot was operated by the ConjetONE remote control system. After the damaged concrete was removed, the surface that remained was ideal for the bonding of new and fresh concrete. The bridge will now stand strong for years to come.


The bridge is open again and traffic is back to normal. The task was completed on time, despite a very tight deadline and it being the first time the contractor operated the hydrodemolition equipment. They claimed the Conjet ACR™ robot was easy-to-use thanks to clear instructions and safety information from the Conjet team. Chinese authorities visited the site upon completion and were impressed by the ACR™ technology and the overall results.

Customer case

CUSTOMER:  Beijing Fayan
Engineering Technology LTD


MISSION:  Emergency recovery
using hydrodemolition


Robot 557 MPA

Conjet ACR™ robot 557 MPA features the latest technology in hydrodemolition. Combining the reach of Robot 367, the flexibility of Robot 327 and the diesel engine of Robot 437, this robot has it all.

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