Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair with Hydrodemolition

Considering the enormous amount of concrete structures that surround us, it’s easy to take concrete for granted and how it enables us to live the way we do. But just like us, concrete needs to be maintained and is affected by the stresses and strains of everyday life. Concrete repair needs to be carried out regularly to maintain structural integrity, aesthetic appearance, and geometric appearance, among many other things.

Bridges, Parking decks. Dams. Tunnels. Piers. If a concrete structure needs repair, we got the perfect concrete removal solution for the task: hydrodemolition robots.

Reasons why concrete deteriorates and why it needs to be fixed

Reasons for deterioration

  • Chemical degradation – e.g. exposure to chemicals, ASR (Alkali-silica reaction), acid attack, salt attack.
  • Corrosion of the reinforcement steel – e.g. carbonation, penetration of chloride ions.
  • Mechanical attack – e.g. impacts, overloading, movement, explosions.
  • Physical damage – e.g. freeze action, thermal shifts, shrinkage, wear and tear, vibrations.

Reasons why it needs to be fixed

  • Restore structural integrity
  • Restore aesthetic appearance
  • Restore durability
  • Restore geometric appearance

Performing concrete structure repairs using hydrodemolition

Parking decks, tunnels, bridges, and the likes are usually filled to capacity with visitors every day. The concrete repair requires careful planning to cause as little disruption as possible. The project schedule must be reliable, which means that the solutions used to carry out the concrete refurbishment must be equally as reliable.

Not to mention that many of these concrete structures are often located in urban areas, whereas noise and vibrations caused by the concrete rehabilitation may create disturbances for the surrounding areas and people.

And last but not least, as always, working with concrete is often a dangerous job. It’s essential to create a safe working environment for the workers where all factors of concrete structure repairs need to be taken into account, like noise, dust, and vibrations.

Conjet robot performing hydrodemolition work on-site

With Conjet’s Automated Concrete Removal Robots (ACR™) utilizing hydrodemolition technology, you can perform a concrete repair on pretty much any concrete structure. They are the ideal choice if you’re looking for concrete repairing methods that keep your project on schedule, minimize disturbances, and increase worksite safety. We call it ACR™.

Benefits of using hydrodemolition robots for different concrete repairing methods

Supervised Robotic concrete removal with hydrodemolition technology


With Conjet’s hydrodemolition robots, the operators configure the robot on the remote control box. He/she stands at a safe 5-10 meters distance away from the work. It also presents minimal risk for damaging the steel rebar and reduces dust pollution.

Hydrodemolition work with Conjet robot


We offer a wide variety of ACR™ robots, some designed with multipurpose in mind where the same robot can operate on any types of surfaces at any angles- horizontal, vertical, and even on the ceiling overhead; some designed with specific applications in mind. Some can also even swap between selective and non-selective removal. This is very important when calculating the longevity of the concrete restoration, where selective removal normally gives a better, longer-lasting result.

Conjet hydrodemolition robot performing demolition work


The Conjet ACR™ robots have very little unplanned downtime, and the time to shift operation mode is optimized thanks to its innovation and engineering.

Supervised Robotic concrete removal with hydrodemolition technology

Minimized Disturbance

Our ACR™ robots are operated with 3x less noise and create no vibrations, leaving the surrounding areas relatively undisturbed by the ongoing restoration.

Conjet robot performing hydrodemolition work on-site

Perfect bonding

Hydrodemolition leaves behind a rough surface, ideal for bonding with new concrete. It efficiently removes concrete, coatings, rust, and other adherents, leaving a sound, clean, and roughened surface.

Why Conjet?

We lead the development of automated concrete removal technology and surface preparation solutions using hydrodemolition technology. If you’re working for or own a concrete repair company, there’s no better or safe way than hydrodemolition.

Contact us today for more information and to learn about the many benefits of utilizing hydrodemolition robots for your next concrete repair project.

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