Conjet University

Conjet University aims to give operators and supervisors the correct knowledge base for performing Automated Concrete Removal in the safest and most profitable manner possible.


Understanding the machine and the method is essential for both operators and supervisors. Correct knowledge presents new possibilities and maximizes the potential for utilization of both machine and technique.

Safety is the guiding light when it comes to using high-pressure water and a main topic at Conjet University.

At Conjet University, you will receive hands-on experience using the ACR™ robot and high-pressure water.

The topics during the ConjetU training program are:


  • Personal safety
  • Work site safety
  • Machine related safety
  • Regulations and laws


  • The method
  • Concrete fundamentals
  • The need for cleaning
  • Damage types
  • Which ACR™ robot is suitable?


  • ACR™ operation, manual and automatic
  • Service and troubleshooting


  • Handling wastewater
  • Treating wastewater
  • Recycling

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