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Gävle Port

Quay repair at Gävle Port

A quay in the port of Gävle, Sweden needed to be strengthened to ensure leisure boats could dock safely there. More than 300 meters of a beam was to be reinforced.

Svensk Sjöentreprenad AB awarded Waterjet Entreprenad AB the contract to use hydrodemolition technology to remove the damaged concrete.

The solution

Phase one of the project included repairs to 100 meters of the pier and phase two was the remaining 200 meters. The plan was to remove 100 mm of concrete from the top of the 700 mm wide beam and recast for added strength.

Supervised Robotic concrete removal with hydrodemolition technology

How it works

A Conjet ACR™ Robot 557 MPA was used together with a Conjet silenced pump since the work was carried out in an urban area. The 557 MPA robot was chosen because it could easily follow the uneven area next to the quay as that was of utmost importance when the top of the quay was too narrow for the robot to operate on. The flexibility and stability of the Robot 557 MPA made it easy and safe for the operator to carry out the repairs.

During the hydrodemolition phase a few deep pockets were revealed in the concrete. Thanks to the mechanics of hydrodemolition and the use of water, these weaknesses were exposed and handled according to standard procedures. The concrete strength varied from normal to weak, estimated from 25 to 30 MPa.

The operator ran the Conjet ACR™ robot from a safe distance as there was no cable to the pump. Waterjet Entreprenad AB used the patented wireless communication via the ConjetONE remote control.


The project was completed on time and within budget. The Conjet ACR™ Robot 557 operated safely and efficiently along the pier’s uneven surface and the operator was satisfied with how easy it was to handle the robot and boom system.

Port Gävle

CUSTOMER: Waterjet Entreprenad AB

STRUCTURE: Port and quay

MISSION: Repair quay with hydrodemolition


Conjet robot - concrete's surface preparation technologies

Robot 557 MPA

Conjet ACR™ robot 557 MPA features the latest technology in hydrodemolition. Combining the reach of Robot 367, the flexibility of Robot 327 and the diesel engine of Robot 437, this robot has it all.

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