Customer case

Glenlee power station
United kingdom

Removal of old concrete


The Glenlee Penstock required the cleaning and repair of its pipeline internally for the first time since it was installed in the 1930’s.

From start, the plan was to use high-pressure water jetting handheld lances to remove the old concrete and peat. However this was not an option, since it was not safe for the operators.


Conjet ACR™ Robot 324 was optimal to get the job done. The operator could stand at a safe 5-10-meter distance and control the arm, rotating 360 degrees, from the radio control unit as the material was removed by the rotor head.

Customer case

CUSTOMER: Krüger Wasserhochdrucktechnik


MISSION: Remove reinforced
damaged concrete

ROBOTS USED: 320-series

Robot 557 MPA

Conjet ACR™ robot 557 MPA features the latest technology in hydrodemolition. Combining the reach of Robot 367, the flexibility of Robot 327 and the diesel engine of Robot 437, this robot has it all.

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