Powerpack 14

Recommended for ACR™ robots Jetframe 101 Nalta and Robot 327.

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Powerpack 20

Recommended for ACR™ robots Jetframe 101 Nalta and Robot 327.

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Powerpack 30

Recommended for ACR™ robots Jetframe 137/157, Robot 557 and Robot 327.

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Powerpack 40

Recommended for ACR™ robots Jetframe 137/157, Robot 557 and Robot 327.

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Powerpack 50

Recommended for ACR™ robots Jetframe 157, Robot 557 and Robot 437.

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Powerpack 80

Recommended for ACR™ Robots 557 and 437.

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Why do I need a high pressure pump?

Conjet’s ACR™ robots use hydrodemolition to remove concrete without creating micro-cracks to the structure. This technology requires a reliable supply of high-pressure water.

The standard range of Conjet High pressure pumps are supplied with ratings of 250 – 800 kW, flows of 57 – 437 l/min and pressures of 1000 – 2400 bar to suit a wide range of applications. The container is silenced to meet all noise emission standards, including an internally-mounted exhaust muffler.

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  • Integrated emergency stop circuits for improved safety
  • Exhaust emissions are controlled to meet U.S EPA and EU regulations
  • Silenced and insulated to meet noise emission and tough climate conditions
  • Designed to operate 24 h/day, 7 days/week
  • Electronic control system for the pump and engine
  • Force-feed lubrication of the high-pressure pump protects the pump even under extreme operating conditions
  • Rigid design certified for sea transport (ISO standard)
  • Side doors for easy access during maintenance


The Conjet ACR™ robots operate seamlessly with the power pack thanks to the steering system, ConjetONE. The ConjetONE system makes it possible to control both the robot and the pump remotely using the wireless radio control box. All operations can be communicated from the control box (or from the display on the robot), resulting in shorter start-up times, safer and more precise operations, and results.

What is hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition removes a layer of concrete by shooting a jet of high-pressure water into the material. When the water fills the natural cavities in the concrete, it bursts from within, exploding upwards. The result is a rough surface, free from micro-cracks, ready for a new layer of fresh concrete. It also leaves the reinforcement bars completely intact. Hydrodemolition can also be used for paint removal and surface preparation. A radio-controlled robot (supplied with high-pressure water from a pump) performs the demolition, keeping the supervising operator at a safe distance. At Conjet, we call it Automated Concrete Removal, or ACR™.

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The ACR™ robot is equipped with a lance that moves over the concrete surface, shooting a high-pressure water jet and removing the damaged material. The operator sets the hydrodemolition parameters (for example, cutting width, speed and jet angle), positions the robot and starts the hydrodemolition process. When this is done, the robot works autonomously according to the set parameters, working its way in a straight line. All the operator has to do is monitor the progress from a safe distance and inspect the result.