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Dry demolition robots vs. Wet demolition robots

Demolition is hard, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous work, even more so when there’s a need for removing concrete elements within an existing structure. It’s a strenuous process where a light touch is needed to guarantee that only the damaged concrete is removed and all surrounding material remains intact.

To work around these constraints, most demolition companies have taken to using either dry or wet demolition robots. Demolition robots not only accelerate the demolition process and increase efficiency to save both time and money, they also increase the safety for the workers. Robotic demolition equipment allows operators to stay at a safe distance, operating the robot remotely, to safely avoid contaminants, debris, and crushing concrete.

But what’s the difference between dry and wet demolition robots?

Dry demolition robots

Dry demolition robots look like mini-excavators, but without a cab. They run on tracks and leverage a hydraulic powered arm to which breakers, crushers, drills, or loader buckets can be attached to break through materials. They are designed to pack a strong punch in small spaces and will usually fit through doorways and stairways; but there is a great variety in sizes available.

Wet demolition robots

Wet demolition robots, or how we will refer to them henceforth: hydrodemolition robots, are demolishing machines using high-pressure water to remove the concrete. It uses high-pressure water jets which travel over the concrete surface at a constant speed, taking advantage of the concrete’s permeability to create an overpressure that breaks it apart.

Today, demolition robots have become an integral part of the construction process, automating dangerous and labor-intensive work. Automating demolition is all about safety and efficiency, both of which can drive major cost savings for construction and demolition companies. These types of demolishing equipment offer much needed safety, efficiency, and cost-savings in one of the most labor-intensive industries.

However, the dry demolition robot and hydrodemolition robot were not created equal.

The advantage of hydrodemolition robots

When it comes to selectively removing concrete elements within an existing structure, hydrodemolition robots are simply the better, safer, more reliable, and more environmentally friendly option.The automation of the hydrodemolition robots allows the operator to easily execute both selective and non-selective removals. And no matter which option you choose, the high-pressure water jet technology will create a rough surface, optimal for bonding of new concrete without creating any micro-cracks or damaging surrounding structure.

Here are the key advantages of concrete removal robots with hydrodemolition technology:

  • Does not cause micro-cracks in the remaining structure, which ensures that the repair will be long-lasting with a high quality.
  • Creates no vibrations.
  • Noise and dust are dramatically reduced.
  • Allows selective and non-selective removal.
  • Keeps the rebars clean and intact.
  • Prepares a surface ideal for bonding between old and new concrete.
  • Increases efficiency where it’s more than 25x faster than mechanical jackhammering. Conjet’s robotic demolition equipment

Conjet has spent 35+ years developing solutions that safely removes concrete using hydrodemolition technology. Today, we manufacture automated hydrodemolition concrete removal robots and jetframes for the world’s leading hydrodemolition contractors. Safe for the structure, safe for the operators, and safe for the environment.

We call it ACR™, Automated Concrete Removal. One Conjet ACR™ can do the work of up to 25 jackhammer operators, reducing cost, and increasing productivity and safety.

Read more about how Conjet’s hydrodemolition robots and water jetframes can be utilized to remove concrete for different types of structures:

  • Roads, Bridges, & Runways
  • Ports & Quays
  • Parking decks
  • Canals & Locks
  • Dams, Spillways, & Turbines
  • Pillars
  • Tunnels & Pipes


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