The superior method for long-lasting, high-quality concrete removal and repairs.

What is Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition, or hydro demolition, is a concrete removal technology that employs high-pressure water to remove damaged concrete, as well as asphalt and grout. This method creates a great bonding surface for repair and new coating applications.

Conjet’s concrete hydrodemolition robots use a high-pressure water jet, which travels over the concrete surface at a constant speed, taking advantage of the concrete’s permeability to create an overpressure that breaks it apart. The automation of the hydrodemolition robots allow operators to easily execute both selective and non-selective removals.

Selective removal is the preferred method when only the deteriorated concrete needs to be removed. Our concrete hydrodemolition robots use high-pressure water up to 22,000 psi (1500 bar) to selectively remove concrete at a predetermined quality level.

Non-selective removal (also known as “hydromilling”) is the preferred method when concrete needs to be removed to a predetermined depth, independent of the quality of the concrete. The ACR™ robot uses high-pressure water above 22,000 psi (1500 bar).

No matter what option you choose, the high-pressure water jet technology will create a rough surface optimal for bonding of new concrete without creating any micro-cracks or damage to the remaining structure. At the same time, the hydro demolition technique leaves the rebar intact and cleaned from rust and corrosion.

With Conjet ACR™ robots, you control the end result, always ensuring you meet the customer’s specifications.

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How does hydrodemolition work?

Our ACR™ robots remove concrete by moving a high-pressure water jet over the surface in a predetermined pattern at a predetermined speed until the desired depth is reached. This is repeated over the entire surface in order to guarantee the same quality depth over the entire structure.

The remaining surface is free from delaminated or otherwise damaged concrete leaving a perfect surface for the new concrete to bond to.

In the process of hydrodemolition, no micro cracks are introduced to the structure. Neither does hydrodemolition cut the rebars. If there is corrosion on the rebars, it is removed in the hydrodemolition process.

Conjet’s ACR™ hydrodemolition robots - The best way to break up concrete

Why choose concrete hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition technology removes concrete using water pressure of up to 3000 bar, for long-lasting, high quality repairs. It creates no micro-cracks and leaves an ideal bonding surface for the fresh concrete.

hydrodemolition concrete removal ensuring long lasting, high quality repairs | Conjet


  • Does not cause micro-cracks in the remaining structure, which ensures that the repair will be long-lasting with a high quality.
  • Worker health & safety: creates no vibrations, and noise and dust are dramatically reduced.
  • Allows selective and non-selective removal.
  • Keeps the rebars clean and intact.
  • Prepares a surface ideal for bonding between old and new concrete.
  • Improved efficiency – more than 25 x faster than mechanical jackhammering.


Hydrodemolition equipment enables a versatile, safe, and precise way to repair concrete for a wide variety of large-scale, small, and hard-to-reach projects ranging from concrete structure repair and removal, to surface repair and many more. Whether you need simple surface preparation or a complete concrete excavation and removal, our ACR™ robots can help. Conjet’s hydrodemolition equipment is utilized within several industries to help restore and repair structures and infrastructure such as, but not limited to:

  • Roads, bridges, and runways
  • Ports and quays
  • Parking decks
  • Canals and locks
  • Dams, spillways, and turbines
  • Pillars, piles, and columns
  • Tunnels, aqueducts, and pipes
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Stadiums and warehouses
Application of hydrodemolition concrete removal equipement | Conjet
Application of Hydrodemolition | Conjet

Hydrodemolition vs. Hydraulic breakers and jackhammers

Repairing a large surface with hydraulic breakers or jackhammers is simply ineffective and causes damage to the remaining structure, requiring extra work to repair.

Hydraulic breakers or jackhammers do not give the operator the control needed for optimal and precise concrete removal.

One Conjet ACR™ robot can do the work of up to 25 jackhammer operators, reducing cost and increasing productivity and safety. Noise is greatly reduced, and silica dust exposure and ”white-fingers syndrome” (caused by vibrations from jackhammers) are completely avoided using Conjet ACR™ robots.

Supervised Robotic concrete removal with hydrodemolition technology

Optimized Results

Hydrodemolition ensures high quality, long-lasting repairs by creating a surface ideal for bonding as well as preserves and cleans rebars. This results in a longer useful life, lower maintenance costs for the concrete structure, and reduced risk of warranty claims for the contractor.

Hydrodemolition work with Conjet robot


Automation leads to efficiency and ease-of-use. One ACR™ hydrodemolition robot can do the work of 20 mechanical jackhammers. Intelligent, wireless communication between operator, robot and pump enables unified startup and emergency shutdown.

Conjet hydrodemolition robot performing demolition work


Noise and dust pollution as well as vibrations are dramatically reduced using hydrodemolition. It extends the useful life of the structure and due to the increased lifespan of structures that have been rehabilitated with hydrodemolition, less maintenance will be necessary in the future.

Superior bonding with Hydrodemolition | Conjet


Hydrodemolition does not create any micro-cracks in the remaining structure, which ensures that the repair will be long and lasting and high quality. It removes all unsound concrete, leaving a clean and roughened surface, improving the quality and performance of newly applied coating.

hydrodemolition selective concrete removal using proper pressure and flow | Conjet


By selecting the proper pressure level and flow, selective removal can be achieved. Below a certain pressure level, the water will not cut the aggregate, only the paste bonding the aggregate together. Since the water follows the laws of hydraulics: easiest way out, the less competent concrete will be removed, and the stronger will remain. By increasing pressure, you can also achieve nonselective removal whenever you need to remove both the aggregate and paste.

Safety for operators with Hydrodemolition automatic concrete removal


The biggest challenge on all work sites where concrete is being removed, or even demolished, is to secure work and health safety for the operators. Due to the fact that our hydrodemolition ACR™ robots are able to operate from a distance to the concrete removal location, greatly reduces dust and noise pollution, and eliminates vibrations, they are among the safest concrete removal methods in the industry.

Benefits of Hydrodemolition

Superior bonding

Superior bonding with Hydrodemolition | Conjet

Selective and nonselective removal

Selective and non selective removal with hydrodemolition concrete removal | Conjet

No micro-cracks

Hydrodemolition with no micro cracks | Conjet

Preserves and cleans rebars

Hydrodemolition that  preserves and cleans rebars  | Conjet


What are the applications of Hydrodemolition?

Hydrodemolition can be used on reinforced and non-reinforced structures for horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete removal and surface preparation.

Is Hydrodemolition environment friendly?

Hydrodemolition has a lot of environmental advantages. It produces no dust and reduces noise pollution. It also creates a perfect surface for bonding between old and fresh concrete and the water used in the process can be collected after use to limit the danger of contamination.

Conjet robot performing hydrodemolition work on-site
Conjet robot - concrete's surface preparation technologies
Conjet robot - concrete's surface preparation technologies
Conjet robot performing hydrodemolition work on-site
Deck ramp after hydrodemolition with Conjet Demolition robot
Conjet robot - concrete's surface preparation technologies
Concrete bridge repair
Conjet- Concrete Hydrodemolition

Why Conjet?

For more than 35 years, we have been instrumental in the development of hydrodemolition – a technology with a proven track record as the most sustainable and effective method for concrete removal and surface preparation. We manufacture automated concrete removal robots for world leading hydrodemolition contractors. Safe for the structure, safe for the operator and safe for the environment.

At Conjet, we lead the technology development of automated concrete removal using the hydrodemolition technology. We call it ACR™.

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