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Sustainable garage foundation repair using automated concrete removal

Using acr™ when restoring parking decks

Many parking decks are filled to capacity every day, so planning for a parking garage repair also requires planning for the disturbance it will cause. The project schedule must be reliable, meaning that the solutions used to perform the parking garage repair are certain to deliver the expected results on time.

More than that, many parking decks are located in residential areas, commercial centers or office buildings. This means that noise and vibrations caused by the garage structure repair will create disturbances.

Last but not least, it is important to create a safe working environment for the operators where factors like noise, dust and vibrations must be taken into account.

Conjet’s Automated Concrete Removal robots, using the hydrodemolition technology, are the right choice if you are looking for a garage concrete repair solution that keeps your project on schedule, minimizes disturbances and increases worksite safety. We call it ACR™.

Conjet- Project after repair and maintenance

Challenges when restoring parking decks

When performing a garage concrete repair to restore a parking deck, there are several challenges for each structural element that need to be considered including:

  • Suspended slab
  • Overhead soffit work
  • Column support
  • Wing-walls
Concrete surfacing operation at the parking deck ramp site with Conjet's surface preparation technologies
Parking deck ramp after hydrodemolition with Conjet Demolition robot

This is how ACR™ helps during a garage concrete repair:

  • Suspended slab: This requires a robot that can reach into corners and around obstructions. The ACR™ robot’s integrated arm allows it to do just that.
  • Overhead soffit work: This can be a challenge and requires a robot with stability and reach. Not only can you extend the ACR™ robot’s tracks, you can also slide the body of the robot for extra stability. This allows you to reposition without moving the robot.
  • Columns: They must be supported prior to repair, which can limit the space available for concrete removal equipment. If there is not enough room for the robot, a frame system can get the job done.
  • Wing-walls: Like columns, they must also be supported prior to repair which can limit the space available for concrete removal equipment. A frame system can be setup along the wall, and you can accomplish the removal either in stages or with a larger frame to cover the entire area in one setup.
Conjet robot - concrete's surface preparation technologies


After completing the daily safety routines, the operator configures the robot on the remote control box. He or she then stands at a safe 5-10 meter distance and monitors the work. The ACR™ robots are designed to be multipurpose, meaning that the same robot can operate on surfaces that are horizontal, vertical and even on the ceiling overhead; to repair concrete garage floor spalling, overhead beams, carrying pillars, and everything in-between.

Supervised Robotic concrete removal with hydrodemolition technology


The ACR™ robots have very little unplanned downtime, and the time to shift operation mode is optimized thanks to their innovation and engineering.

Another key feature is the capability of switching between selective and non-selective removal. This is a very important aspect when calculating the longevity of the restoration, where selective removal normally gives a better, longer-lasting result, thus supporting the sustainability agenda and circular economy challenges structure owners are facing.

Dam Pen - Conjet

Limited Disturbance

ACR™ robots are operated with 3x less noise and create no vibrations in the building where they are operating. This leaves the surrounding area relatively undisturbed by the ongoing restoration.

Since ACR™ is built on the hydrodemolition technology, where the concrete is removed by using water jets with a pressure of up to 3,000 bar, hazardous dust that is an unwanted side-effect of traditional removal methods is minimized.

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