Pillars & pipes

Reliable restorations of challenging structures using automated concrete removal

Using ACR™ when restoring Pillars & Pipes

The challenges when restoring pillars and pipes are normally connected to the shapes of the structures since they are normally very high and/or narrow, and cylinder-shaped.

How ACR™ helps:

Conjet’s ACR™ Jetframe is best suited for both concrete removal and surface preparation on challenging structures. Since its cutting head is mounted on a frame, it can operate on high pillars and cylinder-shaped pipes where other machinery could not reach effectively.

In addition, ACR™ robots are more efficient than traditional methods, require fewer workers to get the job done, leave no micro-cracks in the structure, and the robot is remotely operated where access is limited.

Conjet’s Automated Concrete Removal robots, using the hydrodemolition technology, are the right choice if you are looking for a solution that has the flexibility to reach the most challenging structures. We call it ACR™.

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