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Kapellskär port

Kapellskär port prepared by conjet acr™ hydrodemolition robots

Kapellskär Port, located 80 km north of Stockholm, is a key port for the city logistically. The location makes it possible to quickly transport goods and passengers. A large number of trucks use it instead of the city port, as it has a unique short approach time. Kapellskär Port is owned by Stockholm’s Harbor and managed by Stockholm Hamnentreprenad AB.

Stockholm’s Harbor assessed the need for repair at the port, which included restoration of the ship and ferry dock, plus preparation of a cathodic protection. Therefore, the surface cover needed to be removed. Waterjet Entreprenad AB won the contract to remove the damaged concrete in a safe way.

The solution

The cathodic protection process required Waterjet Entreprenad AB to remove the surface cover, 30-35 MPa concrete, or approximately 30 mm. This meant that the outside surface of the main beams, the cross-beam walls and the ceiling under the quays, needed to be treated.

Waterjet Enterprenad AB used one Conjet ACR™ robot and a sable boom system to access hard-to-reach spots, and another Conjet ACR™ robot to treat the surface under the pier ceiling and the walls of the beams. They also used a hand lance for narrow spaces.

How it works

The high-pressure water to the units was supplied by two high-pressure pumps, one with 550 kW rated 1040 bar at 262 liter per minute and one with 120 kW rated 2600 bar at 24 liter per minute. The method is effective and reliable as it does not include jackhammer work, but also safe as the workers monitor the robot with the ConjetONE remote control system. Before the restoration project got started, Conjet held a safety and guidance training session with the staff.


The Conjet ACR™ robots made it safe and easy to remove the damaged concrete without destroying the structure, rebar or good quality concrete. No one was put in danger and the lifespan of the port was extended. Upon completion, the Kapellskär Port continued as an important logistics center for the city of Stockholm.

Kapellskär Port

CUSTOMER: Waterjet Entreprenad AB

STRUCTURE: Port and quay

MISSION: Prepare for cathodic protection

ROBOTS USED: Robot 557 and Jetframe 101 Nalta

Conjet robot - concrete's surface preparation technologies

Robot 557 MPA

Conjet ACR™ robot 557 MPA features the latest technology in hydrodemolition. Combining the reach of Robot 367, the flexibility of Robot 327 and the diesel engine of Robot 437, this robot has it all.

Robot 101 Nalta

The world’s smallest hydrodemolition robot, for inaccessible areas or operating underwater.

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