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The track-driven hydrodemolition concrete removal Robot 557 H is the ideal choice for parking garages, bridges and other horizontal surfaces. Together with an adjustable chassis, the robot is a versatile and compact solution with incredible manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

The Robot 557 H has been designed with the ability to extend the tracks, as well as sliding the main body, for easy positioning of the cut.

The robot, as a part of the 7-series, features the ONE control system making it as easy as any other robot in the same series.


  • Fully automated via the Conjet ONE control system
  • Tool-kits available ensures multi­purpose use
  • Diesel or electric power
  • Easy access to the engine and hydraulics for daily maintenance
  • Hydrodemolition applied
  • Prepared for Conjet Connect

Know ONE – Know ALL

All 7-Series Conjet ACR™ robots share the same control system, ConjetONE.

ConjetONE allows all operations to be configured from the remote radio control unit or on the robot display, resulting in easy configuration, fast start-up time and high efficiency.

Technical Data

Standard Configuration I CE EMC Certified



2 300 kg (5 070lb)


3 480 (11ft 5in)

Width extended track

1 200 – 1 900 mm (3ft 11in /6ft 3in)

Cutting width

2 100 mm (6ft 11in)


Max reaction force 

3 000 N


Electrical supply required

Diesel engine, 18,7 kW Electric, 3×380–480VAC, 32A or 3x200VAC, 63A / 50–60Hz

Secure a long lifetime and trouble-free operation

To secure a long lifetime, trouble-free operation and added functionality of your ACR™ robots, Conjet has developed add-ons and services to enable just that.

  • Technical support
  • Spare and wear parts
  • Training
  • Add-ons

Powerpacks & Accessories for Robot 557

Powerpack 30

The endurance runners at particularly favourable operating costs

Powerpack 40

The endurance runners at particularly favourable operating costs

Powerpack 50

The endurance runners at particularly favourable operating costs.

Powerpack 80

The endurance runners at particularly favourable operating costs.

Wireless Kit

The wireless kit is a signal receiver for the power pack and allows for wireless communication between robot and pump. Pressing any of the emergency stops on either the robot, control box or power pack shuts down all hydrodemolition equipment, including the high pressure water.


The rotors are suitable for cleaning applications or scarification of all surfaces. The rotor is normally equipped with 2-4 nozzles for concrete removal and up to 20 nozzles for surface preparation.

Fork Nozzle

The fork nozzle can replace the regular nozzle in the standard tool, providing a similar result to the rotor in terms of surface finish. It is mainly used for scarification.

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