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The Robot 327 is an electrically powered, track-driven, fully automated hydrodemolition concrete removal robot that is compatible with the Conjet ONE control system. The robot has been developed to work in confined spaces and areas. It passes through an opening less than 3 feet (0,9 meters) wide.

The Robot 327 is highly customizable. Different variations of tools and arms can be combined to match your project’s needs. Apart from the arm and tool configurations, the high-pressure lance on the Robot 327 can be equipped with either a single nozzle or a double nozzle assembly depending on the type of work. The robot can also be equipped with a winch for working in slopes. Further, a rotary head can be attached for surface preparation.

Conjet robot - concrete's surface preparation technologies


  • Fully automated via the ConjetONE control system
  • Track extensions for maximum stability
  • Track sensors control travel distance
  • Arm and feed beam can turn 360°
  • Removable side covers enable maximum reach in corners
  • Compact feed beam
  • Accessory kit makes it very flexible and multi-purpose
  • Hydrodemolition applied
  • Prepared for Conjet Connect

Technical Data

CE, EMC certified

Width – carrier820-1200mm (2ft 8.3in-3ft 11in)
Cutting width1600mm (5ft 3in)
Length2850mm (9ft 4in)
Height1420mm (4ft 8in)
Cutting height – overhead2000mm (6ft 7in) / 2850mm(9ft 4in)**
Cutting height – vertical2400mm (7ft 10in) / 3300mm(10ft 10in)**
Weight / with counterweight1180kg (2600lb) / 1340kg (2954lb)
Maximum reaction force1500N*
Power supply3 phase 380 – 480V, 16A, 50 – 60Hz
3 phase 200V, 32A, 50 – 60Hz

*see Operators Manual for detailed instructions
**with extension arm

Know ONE – Know ALL

All 7-Series Conjet ACR™ robots share the same control system, ConjetONE.

ConjetONE allows all operations to be configured from the remote radio control unit or on the robot display, resulting in easy configuration, fast start-up time and high efficiency.

Conjet robot performing hydrodemolition work on-site

Secure a long lifetime and trouble-free operation

To secure a long lifetime, trouble-free operation and added functionality of your ACR™ robots, Conjet has developed add-ons and services to enable just that.

  • Technical support
  • Spare and wear parts
  • Training
  • Add-ons

Powerpacks & Accessories for Robot 557 MPA


The endurance runners at particularly favourable operating costs


The endurance runners at particularly favourable operating costs


The endurance runners at particularly favourable operating costs.


The Wireless Connection Kit establishes communication between the robot and the pump. The Wireless Communication Kit integrates the robot and the pump control systems. The pump operational data can be maneuvered and controlled from the robot to achieve one point of contact for the operator.


The Rotor Assembly R327 is a surface preparation tool that is designed for removal of the topmost layer of concrete and steel surfaces. The rotor is equipped with 2-4 nozzles for concrete removal and up to 20 nozzles for surface preparation.


The Feed Beam Extension R327 increases the width of the feed beam. This enables the cutting width of the robot to be increased.

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