Surface preparation

Efficient surface preparation
using acr™

What is surface preparation?

Surface preparation is a way of preparing the surface for a coating procedure, using high- (or ultra-high) pressure water. The Conjet ACR™ robots can be fitted with a vacuum port to capture the removed surface coating using a vacuum device.

Advantages of conjet’s hydro surface preparation technologies & solutions

Removing rust, scale, and different kinds of coating with traditional techniques often requires both containment and/or clean-up. These costs can have a significant impact on a contractor’s profitability. And for contractors doing environmental remediation, removing asbestos or lead-based paint for example, the issue of containment becomes even more critical.

The Conjet ACR™ robot offers advanced surface solutions to quickly and safely remove coatings, rust, and other tough adherents.The surface preparation technologies we provide gives you the same productivity, but without the expense, hazards, and accompanying clean-up problems. When you require surface preparation for painting, rust, or other coatings, there’s no better alternative than the Conjet ACR™ robot:

  • One-man, continuous operation
  • Superior production
  • No dust

How does automated concrete removal – acr™ work?

After completing the start-up routine, the operator can load a saved set of parameters or enter new

parameters on the ACR™ robot, either directly on the robot’s display or using the handheld remote control. The operator then positions the robot and starts the automated concrete removal process from a safe

distance of 15-30 feet (5-10 meters).

The robot then operates autonomously according to the chosen parameters, working its way in a straight line, in a curve, or in a circle, while the operator monitors and supervises the process.

Automated concrete removal – acr™ enabled by hydrodemolition

The robot is equipped with a lance that moves over the concrete surface, shooting a high-pressure water jet and removing the damaged material. The operator sets the hydrodemolition parameters (for example, cutting width, speed and jet angle), positions the robot and starts the hydrodemolition process. When this is done, the robot works autonomously according to the set parameters, working its way in a straight line. All the operator must do is monitor the progress from a safe distance and inspect the result.

The sensitive process of concrete surface repair

Most concrete repairs fail due to poor concrete surface preparation. All unsound concrete must be removed, leaving sound, clean, and roughened surfaces, improving the quality and performance of newly applied coating. To optimize coating adhesion, the concrete surface needs to be completely clean

This is automated concrete
removal – acr™


Using high-pressure water is an alternative to sandblasting and is far superior from an environmental perspective. The paint and/or rust residuals can be collected in a controlled way by vacuuming it directly during the removal process.


Automation increases safety and productivity. Compared to hand lances, the Conjet ACR™ robots reduce the risk of operator injury and fatigue resulting in safer and faster surface preparation.

Cost efficient

Using high-pressure water for concrete surface repair and other surface preparation eliminates the handling of sand, leading to reduced costs for purchase and transportation.

Why Conjet?

At Conjet, we lead the technology development of automated concrete removal and surface preparation solutions using the hydrodemolition technology. We call it ACR™.

For more than 35 years, we have been instrumental in the development of hydrodemolition – a technology with a proven track record as the most sustainable and effective method for concrete removal and surface preparation. We manufacture automated concrete removal robots. Safe for the structure, safe for the operator and safe for the environment.

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